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Thread: Cabelas Extreme Weather Tent Value

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    Default Cabelas Extreme Weather Tent Value

    I just purchased a new 12x12 XWT and was considering selling my older one.

    I have a 9x9 XWT that is used but certainly not used up. I see the newer 8x8 is $599, & the 10x10 is $699 before shipping at Cabelas.

    So what do you guys think a fair asking price would be. I know there will be some "funny guys" respond, but it may turn out its worth more to me to keep than even try to sell, and thats what I'm trying to figure out.

    Nothing wrong with it to speak of but with the boys going on hunts with me now we need more room.

    FWIW it's the one that looks more like a bombshelter. The newest XWT tent are more dome style.

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    It's seems the XWT aren't nearly as popular as the Cabela's Guide models, so they don't seem to hold their value as well. They certainly don't hold their value anywhere near as well as a Bomb Shelter or Arctic Oven. Assuming it's used but in like new condition, I would say 2/3 of purchase price would be a good place to start. But be prepared to accept 1/2 purchase price and less if it looks like it's been really used.
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