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Thread: Question about asparagus

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    Question Question about asparagus

    We planted some crowns about 4 years ago. We get 2-3 spears per crown each year and that's it. This year, I gave in and cut 3 spears for the first time. One of them I cut was the only spear on the crown. I thought maybe by doing so, I would invite new growth, but so far it's not working. Until last fall, I only fertilized once in the spring. Last fall I put some coffe grounds down and I followed this spring with some composted manure. The row is planted along the south-facing wall of the greenhouse with good sun exposure.

    Everything I've read is saying I should have a 2'wide swath of healthy asparagus by now and all I have is the row of 6 original crowns with 2-3 spears each. I prepped a cultavated ros about 2' wide and planted the crowns in a ditch down the center and filled in as it grew.

    I was wondering if maybe I should dig them up next spring and try to replant them being more aggresive with my soil prep this time and add more fertilizer/compost. Does anyone else have any other ideas"? Is digging them back up now asking for even more trouble? Maybe I should just go pshyco with the fertilier and feed them more?

    those 3 spears I cut sure were good!! I'd love to get this to work out....

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    Mine send up a half dozen spears and they are only in their second year. If you want to dig them up the fall will be better. Then the roots will have more time to recover. My guess is that if you add a thick layer of compost and then mulch on top the plants will be just fine.
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    UAF had a master gardener course - with topics including growing asparagus. Might call the Coop Ext Svc in Fbx (or ANC) to see if they have info:

    Folks on these threads might have suggestions too:

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    Asparagus are tough to do up here. They take many years to establish and get big enought to pick. I think my fathers took 6 or 7 years before they were able to pick any. They just barly grow in our climate.

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    Thanks for the advice. I keep forgetting about the Extension Service.

    Something else I was kicking around is a cold frame type affair that I could put in place in March and remove in mid June (the few spears I have right now are about 3' tall and the cold frame I was thinking about would be too shrt for that). My greenhouse (the asparagus is planted outside of the south facing wall) will hit 100 degrees in March. I was thinking a solid back wall, transparent roof and front (south facing) wall. Maybe leaving the end walls open, it would stay somewhere in the 80's when the sun was on it. you think the temperature fluctuation that would introduce would be too much for the plants to thrive in?

    Thanks again for everyones advice so far.


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