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Thread: Chalk one up for the good guys

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    Default Chalk one up for the good guys

    Two more judges that can read and think simultaneously and at the same time even.

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    Finnaly some good news!!!! A well armed society is a polite society.

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    Great !!!! finally some one thinks that people do have rights, in the desenting opinion the judge wrote that because D.C. is not a state it does not have the same rights, does this mean that the 1st and 4th ammendment dont also aply? can the DC police now exacute warrentless searches for people who speak out against the goverment? well at least 2/ 3 are thinking. I just dont understand how people think that they can pick and choose which rights aply to which people, are we all not americans? do we not all bleed the same blood? I just dont get it, perhapes I am just out of the loop.

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    Good news indeed. Don't worry though, it won't be long before SCOTUS slaps these rebels around for deviating from the script citing swamp gas over Venus, interstate commerce, collective rights theory or some such nonsense. Afterall, the govt can't be having their monkeys going around confirming that we really have the right to keep and bear arms after all the lies to the contrary.
    Now what ?

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    Judge Karen Henderson dissented, writing that the Second Amendment does not apply to the District of Columbia because it is not a state.
    Am I the only one who finds this absolutely hilarious? Do the good people of the District of Columbia also not have the right to vote, the right to free speech, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, etc, because they are not a state?

    It's shocking and, quite frankly, alarming that someone who considers herself to be an upholder of the Constitution would so blatantly disregard amendments she finds inconvenient on the grounds that D.C. is not a state.

    Edit: oh, I see jimsmith beat me to the punch ...

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    Default DC not a State

    Flamekiller -

    She's probably referring to the fac that DC does not have representation in the House or Senate.

    It's a weak and pointless argument, but an antigun person will try any argument that comes into theiur mind at the moment.



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