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Thread: Meopta Spotting Scopes

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    Default Meopta Spotting Scopes

    Anyone here familar with Meopta? I have used their Scopes for a wile now and have found them to be very good qaulity optics. Just trying to get opinions from other hunters.


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    I wanted a really clear scope so began doing research via the web. Two websites finialized my choices:
    The first is a website where a fellow is doing serious reviews of various optics aimed at the birding market. The second I consider even more authoritative, as these guys/gals re trying to see little bullet holes a long ways away. Both sites recommended the Pentax 85mm ED or 100mm ED or the Leica. I bought the Pentax 85mm. I did try the 100mm and can tell you it is hands down an amazingly bright scope. But it is physically large and will take a strong tripod and tripod head to maintain stillness when glassing. Also, the eyepiece bumps the lowest magnification to 28x while the highest is 80x. I was able to read the head markers on a gravesite almost 500 yards away easily with this scope at high power. The resolution is very good too. If a Leica is 100, the Pentax is an 90.
    I have never seen the Meopta in a retail store, but I would like to look through one just to compare.


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