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Thread: Brown bears in my bait

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    Default Brown bears in my bait

    Well the brown bears have found my site big time! I have at least 3 maybe 4 different brownies hitting it right now. Don't have any pics of any black bears all browns. I know that sometimes the blackies will wait till the browns have left but with that many comen in kinda makes me wonder? Just wondering if I should pack it up for the season would like to hunt the rest of the season but done want to wast the money on something I can't kill! Should I wait it out or give up for the year?

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    The season is almost over. If it is only about killing something, pull the bait. If you enjoy spending time out, and want a chance to see grizzlies, then keep going. You never know when a black will show up, and when it will be able to sneak through the gauntlet to get to the food. I think it is better to try than give up. Besides, what are you going to do in your spare time, watch American Idol?
    Doesn't sound like much of a choice to me. And too, maybe you'll get some good photos or build some good memories by just being there.
    Good luck and have fun,

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    I too have had the same issue. But there is hope. I checked my bait last night and found I have again had a brown bear on my bait, but in addition I have 2 black bears coming in as well. This should be a good weekend don't give up hope. You may want to try a honey burn as well.

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    I used only popcorn, kool-aid, COB, & molasses. The grizzlies found it 6/16-6/22. I hadn't been hit b4 that and have had bait out since mid may. This was just north outta Palmer. Had to pull bait barrel today because going outta town.

    I was shocked to see brown on my trail cam ...
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