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Thread: Washing Fishing Reel

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    Default Washing Fishing Reel

    I just bought a catfish spinning reel hoping that I can use it for saltwater. Does anyone know how to wash it after I'm done for the day? Do I have to take it apart and wash/oil it?

    Any personal experience or websites would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    What kind of reel ie. make model? most reels are sealed and a freshwater rinse down is sufficient. Oiling with reel grease where it needs it. Look at the manfacture's website. At least try to take the drag apart, and clean the salt off of it. The gears should be sealed and greased. Take it a part carefully, and you'll know how to rebuild it for later. The old school Penns, are easy and foolproof (gold spools). They're spendy, but totally rebuidable by anybody with a small phillips screwdriver.
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    Rinse reels off with fresh water; notice I didn't say powerwash. Don't use a high pressure hose/nozzle; take it off and rinse nicely! I fished as a deckhand in both Hawaii (charters) and Cook Inlet (gillnetter). We used to rinse reels off daily (charters) with fresh water and spray them weekly with WD-40 from a plastic spay bottle; not the aerosol can; line, reel, the whole works.
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