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    Default Womens Hunting Gear

    I have read in quite a few of the posts on here guys talking about hunting with their wives. My wife enjoys hunting but we can never find gear that fits her right. She is rather petite so the packs we have tried never sit properly on her and the ones that do are not big enough to use on a 10 day sheep hunt or any type of extended outing. I would like to know what gear you and your wives have found that works well so that I can have a better idea of where to look when we are trying to get her new gear. I would like to know about everything from Packs to Camo. If you have any input it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Getting my wife into hunting has been a great experience for me and she and I very much enjoy hunting Alaska. She is just over 100 lbs and we have also had a hard time finding gear for her. Look at the mountaineering brands,, like Arcteryx, North Face, Mountain Hardware ect.... For packs look at the new Kifaru Ultralight packs, my KU5200 weight under 3lbs. Alaska_lanche bought his wife one and she really likes it, they are custom made to fit. Try to use grays, and cream colors and stay away from black for your sheep hunt, had some sheep see me in black and they took off, thought I was a black bear I guess.

    The wife and have joked about starting a woman's hunting clothing line,, maybe one day.

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    I will echo what Steve said. The mounaineering gear companies are much more "lady friendly" than the technical hunting companies. My wife wears gear that you would predominantly find at REI or AMH vs sportsmans or cabelas. A lot of great gear can be found at as well as and if you work at a computer and don't mind checking a website throughout the day for deals

    My wife has Mountain hardwear pants, Stoic eVent jacket, Gregory pack (considering going to Kifaru), I/O bio merino zip mid layer, Various merino base layers (all bought on sale). Her boots are (I believe) Scarpa mountaineering boots that were on closeout. One trick is to go warmer on their sleeping bags than you would be comfortable with. I also find that my wife needs warmer pants and thicker sleeves than I need. For me and most guys I hunt with we just need our cores to be warm and we are good, my wife is miserable if her arms or legs get cold. In my case my wife is pretty short (about 5'3") so she can use a regular/short wiggys zero degree bag and it will weigh about the same as my 15* Glacier hunter. The same seems to be true for the Western Mountaineering bags I have looked at. One cool thing about the Wiggy's bags is that all of the zippers are the same length so a left zip short will mate up with my right zip long bag.

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    I get to hunt with my wife a fair bit as well as just get out and hike a lot. I'll see if I can't upload her gear list for what she takes and how much it weighs for each item. But for now we gotta finish packing as we are taking off to hike up the Ruth Glacier Moraine here later this morning from the Park Highway.

    I will say this though, don't skimp on gear for her. If anything her gear needs to be as good or better than yours and she needs to be comfortable using it. Also getting out and backpacking A LOT does wonders for the mental thoughness it takes to roll out of bed bright and early with it pouring down rain, packing up camp in the rain knowing you get to unpack that same camp later that day to go to sleep in it. Keeping her dry and warm as possible with the best gear you can afford will go a long ways to keep her happy and "in the game". As they as if momma ain't happy.......

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    My wife doesn't hunt much but she does do a fair amount of hiking...

    As others have said- most of the hunting equipment companies have significantly ignored women, there are a couple of women specific companies out there but I don't know anything about them other than they exist.

    For the most part- as others have said- mountaineering companies have a much better selection of appropriate gear than anyone else. Don't get hung up on camo, the critters don't seem to care too much.

    My wife has been using Sporthills, -33 base layers, Wiggys bag as well as a Mystery Ranch pack (with sized yoke and waist belt) with pretty good results.

    Consider suggesting she visit the "Women's Forum" here for a much more comprehensive discussion about what women are using and what to avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hodgeman View Post
    Consider suggesting she visit the "Women's Forum" here for a much more comprehensive discussion about what women are using and what to avoid.
    Good Idea! We'd love to have her there!
    There is a thread on the women's forum about this with lots of information.

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