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    Any idea what we're up for this season? I had a hard time finding larger herring las summer. Only the red & orange packages. Where do you get your bait? Trays or bulk? How well does bulk keep? Man I can wait for the snow to leave!

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    Herring keeps just fine in bulk. I buy all my herring in the fall that I will use the following spring. It's worked for 16 yrs. now. Happy fishing.

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    Any of you guys try brining your herring?

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    Default 10th and M seafoods, or at the docks

    It is a huge case at 10th. then just bust them up and put into large ziplocks and put in freezer. I as salt to mine and keeps the skin tougher longer which keeps them on the hook better. Not an actual brine but does good. sometimes keeps them from freezing solid. Oh i add borax to it also. that almost does just as good with no salt. the borax is what dries the skin really good. There is a blueing solution to keep them shiny but never done that. Even works on the small hearing for sivler fishing. The packs of bait at walmart and such is spendy, i buy the little hearing there the 5 inchers or so but buy the big ones at the dock or 10th and M.

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    Salting (layer and rock salt to cover) the herring is preferred by me and a few buddies of mine. Add a little baking soda to keep them shiny. After a couple days drain the liquid off and freeze them in proportionate size tupperware for ease of handling and no mess at the back of the boat. They'll leave a nice little oil slick when dipped into the water. "Fish more, work less"

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    Default Brine recipe

    2 1/2 gallons non-chorinated water. You can let the tap water sit overnight.
    3 table spoons Mrs. Suarts liquid bluing to make baits shiny & reflective
    4 cups non-iodized salt (Canning, kosher, or rock salt)
    1 cup powdered milk to firm up the meat
    2 table spoons garlic oil from mince garlic jar or add some anise oil.
    Mix together night before fishing or in the morning and and then add 4-6 dozen herring.
    This formula will make the baits super appealing and durable. Left over baits can be re-frozen.


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