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Thread: Storage in Valdez boat and trailer.

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    Default Storage in Valdez boat and trailer.

    Well, I MIGHT actually get my boat to Valdez sometime soon. It's been one of those... Buyer beware boats I pulled the trigger on way too fast.. After over a month longer than I expected and several thousands of dollars later.... I wish I could go back to the beginning and change my mind now.. But I'm so deep into it now.. I'll never recoup my bad decision... (

    But.. I was wondering if anyone knew who does the storage yards down there? i heard there was a place that was like 30ish bucks a month fenced in? I'm planning on taking it down and leaving it there.


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    Valdez U-Store, 255-4402. They are a uhaul place, it's not fenced but it is a dollar a day or 25 bucks a month. My buddy has left his there the last 2 summers with no problems. I think eagles rest is 2 dollars a day. Luck


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