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    Taking the family up for an overnight trip, light riding but more camping but here is my question.

    It has been awhile, can i easily drive a f150 with trailer up the trail about a mile or two and set up a camp. I know there is a pull out by the highway but i wanted to setup a camp higher up the hillside. What is the first couple of miles like and can i safely make it back there a mile or two to set a tent camp for the evening. thanks

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    I'm guessing you mean the "Permanente" road which is the next trail down from Kings River? Lots of people camp alongside the river on the road in but honestly I cannot recall how ample the parking is back in there. I think most people park in the main parking lot. When you say drive up the "trail" a mile or two, if you're meaning off the main road and onto the ATV trail I don't know if you could do that- my understanding is most (if not all) of the land on each side of the trail is private for quite some ways and the locals there have had some issues with the ATV riders and aren't all very friendly. I'm not sure how well a full size truck would do on that trail, either. It's narrow and twisty in many spots.
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    Not many spots to get off the road past the pull off on the highway but you can drive up a ways. The main road goes up to someone's house I think.

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    The first couple miles of Perm is private property


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