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Thread: Need new fishing outerwear...

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    Default Need new fishing outerwear...

    What is everyone rocking for outerwear for out on the 'chuck these days? I am headed up to port hardy (BC) next weekend, and realized I need to update my fishing "wardrobe" so to speak for some offshore fishing. Right now I am currently looking at flotation jackets, waterproof overalls style pants, waterproof sweater, rubber boots etc.

    I am used to fishing inshore in a little tin boat in warm weather, so I've never had to get this stuff before. Any tips appreciated!

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    If I know I'm not getting out of the boat, I wear extra tuff boots and bibs like helly hansons. If I know I'm going to beach the boat or even if I know I have to get in the water at the ramp when I put the boat on the trailer, I wear my breathable waders. When wearing the wader pants and a helly hanson jacket or float coat, I'm prepared for just about anything.

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    Good strategy. I have a Stormy Seas float coat (inflatable) for general wear, pulling Grundens commercial fishing rain coat over it as needed for wind or rain. I generally wear hippers rather than Xtratuffs for a little more "freeboard" in and out of the boat, and add or subtract the matching Grundens bibs for wind or rain.

    BTW- The Grundens seem to last at least as long as HH, but are generally a little cheaper. Pretty standard in marine stores throughout the state, even if you don't seem them in the sport stores in the cities. HERE is the jacket I like and HERE are the pants from an online source for reference.


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