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Thread: USGS River Gauge Still On-line ?

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    Default USGS River Gauge Still On-line ?

    I was just out to the Alaska River Forecast Center web site to check on the Upper Gulkana. The Alaska River Forecast Center web site, used to have a link to the USGS web site. I liked the USGS web site because on their river level charts, they had the current level plotted and also an historical average.

    Tough for me to keep track of what 2,000 cfs on this river or that river really means (means something different on every river), or what 2,000 cfs mean in June compared to September. But if I could see that 2,000 cfs was running higher or lower than normal, then I had a much better idea what to expect.

    I could not see that link to the USGS charts. Does anybody know if the current levels compared to some kind of benchmark (historical, mean, etc) is available for AK rivers?

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    EXACTLY !!

    Not sure why I could not find it myself


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    Default Alaska River Information links and more-


    We have links to the USGS site, plus the APRFC streamflow, and tons more info on the following pages on Outdoors Directory:

    The links are listed in a side menu on these pages, under "River Information".

    We have recently added a lot of content in these areas and some of these pages are brand-new. We welcome suggestions on how we can improve this part of our site, so if you have ideas, shoot me a PM and let's talk!
    Hope it helps-
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