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Thread: Lynx hunting?

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    Default Lynx hunting?

    I know most people trap lynx and some others have shot them after accidently stumbling upon them, but has anyone successfully done 'predator calling' with them? If so, I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences.

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    Find you some fresh cat sign (right after a fresh snow fall),get behind some cover,hold REAL still and start playing a hare in distress and you should have no problem bringing them in if they are in the area.I have had great results right at daylight and usually have them trotting in with in 10-20 min.Had one come in last year that my buddy missed twice and it sat there starring at us untill I sent him rolling!I also take a thin stick and tie a white plastic grocery bag to it with thin fishing line and stick it next to my speaker which is about 70 feet in front of me for a visual attractor.Just the slightest breeze will make the bag move around.I had a lynx trot in one time and didn't stop untill he was just a few feet away from the bag and then he suddenly stopped and froze long enough for me to send him spinning too!

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    Default lynx

    calling can be a very effective method. You might try the area around lake louise, there is a pretty good bunny population over there and i have seen several lynx. I also know some people that both trap and call lynx very successfully in that region. as states before, find a set of tracks after a fesh snowfall and make a set. Cats do tend to sneak in rather than gallop in as dogs more often do, so be patient. good luck


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