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    Not my boat but helping friend.
    Changed out a one pcs manifold for a new (uncracked) type on a 350 chevy type motor, old manifold where so cracked they got tossed last year. so added 2 pcs manifold, port side has a inlet to water pump. Alls well so far!
    STB side has a hose sticking out of what looks like the exhaust area, but there is no open place to plumb it too.
    It's a older late 70's, 280 out drive.
    Where does that hose plumb to. No open holes left to go too. Only sticks up from the lower unit.?

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    The lines run to your fresh water out on the heat exchanger. Your heat exchanger should have one freshwater in as well as 2 freshwater outs (one to cool each manifold), one antifreeze in and one out (for cooling the block) unless you are set up for a closed loop cooling system which it does not seem that you are due to the year of the boat.

    Your freshwater manifold connection should be on the front side of the manifold. There should also be another hole on the rear side of the mainifold which is used to drain the water out at the end of the season to prevent it from freezing and cracking. Most people either put a plug or a peckcock in for draining the water, I would suggest a plug since both of my peckocks developed a leak last year. Some of the newer manifolds have another port on the front side of the riser, this is used for people with the closed loop cooling system and you should not need that port. If it already has a fitting in it you can pull it and put in a plug. I hope that makes sense.


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