Like many on AOD I submitted for the June drawing for optics from CameraLand provided by Doug. To my surprise I received an email saying I was a runner-up and won a pair of Nikon Trailblazer All Terrain 10x50 binos.

After about a week I received the binos and put them immediately to a test to see how well they performed. After a quick focus session of adjusting the diopter and the central focus wheel ( I really like binos that have the central focusing) I was ready to check them out.

Now keep in mind I have a pair of Swarovski EL 10x42 binos and I was rating them against the best (IMO). The Nikon binos seemed pretty rugged, no I didn't do a drop test, and all the literature indicates they are also waterproof and fog proof, after an extended trip this fall on a goat hunt will be the proof in the pudding.

I tried them in bright sunlight and also on a rainy day in the evening and all was clear. During the evening trial I was pleasantly pleased on the light gathering ability they provided. I gave them to my son who took them out this past weekend on his boat and was also pleased how clear they were.

Their size and weight were comparable to my Swaros and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these binos to someone not wanting to spend a lot of cash.

Thanks Doug and thanks Nikon.