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    First time posting in this forum! I've got a Cabelea's 8 or 9 wt. flyrod last year; have yet to put line on it. I'll primarily use it for reds on the Kenai and maybe a flyout trip for pike. This is my first flyrod and I have no idea how to set it up. I'm not sure the sequence of line/backing/leader, or can I just run straight mono off the spool? Is there a way to set it up (line wise) where I can use it both for reds (primary use) and pike (secondary use)?

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    Backing goes on the reel first, then the line (if it's weight- forward lin, make sure the unweighted end is to the backing), then the leader to the other end, then tippet. you can use sink-tip line for reds, or attache a loop system so you can add a length of heavy weighter line to the line, then attach the leader to that, to get your fly down to the reds. Or, you can use a couple split shot on the leader. Pike are fun on topwater, or a weighted fly on floating line will work also.

    Good luck!

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    It's a pain, but spool the flyline on first then fill the spool with the backing to get the proper amount. take it all off the install as roadkill stated. For Pike I use just stright 30lb mono for the leader. they bite off anything smaller. Good luck and have fun


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    Take your reel to a fishing store and have them spool it up for you. I fish with floating line and a mono leader or straight mono. In either case it makes sense to use dacron backer first to fill the spool. You want to increase the diameter of the reel's hub so that you pick up more line with every rotation. That's why you see large arbor spools so much these days. The actively fished line doesn't take up as much space as the spool provides. A fishing shop will have the backing, put it on with a motorized winder, and they'll know how much to add.

    If you want to wind straight mono or backing on you reel starting with an empty're in for a treat. Since fly reels pick up line at a 1:1 ratio, you'll be winding for awhile.

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    Thank you guys! I learn something almost everytime I'm accessing this forum! There's a lot of downsides to the internet, but this is one of the highlights in my opinion!

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    Default No Mono On Fly Reel!!

    Just happened to be looking at some Cortland backing line tonight. They REMIND US NOT TO USE MONOFILIMENT AS A BACKING. One, it can cut into your flyline. NO GOOD.. Two,, It can strech causing issues. Three: If it stretches and compresses it can buldge the spool and cause damage..

    For what it is worth.


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