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Thread: Custom gun display case

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    Default Custom gun display case

    Looking for someone that makes gun display cases here in Anchorage. Looking for a case for two 30-30 Winchesters. Thanks

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    What is it you,re looking for. I haven't made any gun cases, but I do make a lot of custom woodwork as a hobby. I'm sure with some kind of an idea of what you want, I could make it.

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    While my Father was overseas my Mother had a cabinet maker make a display case for his rifles. All the hardware is off the shelf stuff. Rickb1b is on track that someone with good wood working skills can put one together just the way you want.
    DISPLAY case. The above is hung on my gun room wall above the loading bench so I think of my parents often, but the guns are kept in the safe 99.999% of the time when they're home.


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