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  1. Another King Closeure For Cook Inlet
  2. One fish/Halibut upheld for southeast, for now
  3. Civil Disobedience or Law Breakers
  4. June NP Fisheries Management Council Meeting.
  5. Deshka weir count
  6. Kasilof King Hatchery Management.........Should we force change?
  7. Commercial Harvest Results are listed as confidential?
  8. Deshka Closed
  9. Are they rebuilding the
  10. Early Kenai River chinook counts
  11. How much does angler effort increase when bait allowed on Kenai?
  12. In River fishing causing decline???
  13. How is the one fish limit in 2c affecting charter business
  14. Parks Hwy streams impending closure?
  15. Are they doing it right on the west coast?
  16. worth it?
  17. Salmon Wars: Part 3 -- Debate over too much escapement!
  18. Question for Nerka.... Kasilof Section 1/2 mi
  19. 2009 Sockeye status updat
  20. Commercial Vessel/Owners/Crew Gets Hands Slapped
  21. letter to paper
  22. Clarion Letter about Dipnetting
  23. Sport Fish Road map comments due
  24. Personal Use Management Plan
  25. Late run Kenai kings at an all time low?
  26. Beluga River Dipnet Fishery
  27. A Plea For Civility
  28. Legislative Task Force report
  29. Drift gillnetting opens again tomorrow?!? Wha...?
  30. fish creek will finally open again today/dipnetting
  31. Now if only they could make it Radioactive!
  32. Question for akkona on PU and Fish Creek
  33. Fish Creek and migratory rates.
  34. Kenai River % of Harvest by User Group
  35. Allocation, allocation, allocation
  36. the elephant in the living room....
  37. Proposed Chuitna coal strip mine shrinks the pie for everyone
  38. Boy the BS get piled higher & deeper!
  39. Subsistence v Rural Preference
  40. National Geographic Story on Salmon & Fishery Management
  41. limited entry guides
  42. Trouble for PWS hatcheries?
  43. Have you read the paper this morning?
  44. interesting figures?
  45. Gulf of Alaska Bycatch
  46. Task Force Report
  47. Coast Guard Oversite for Safety
  48. Sport Fishing Rules of Consumption
  49. Scandalous crab bycatch exposed
  50. Anchor river getting killed
  51. More by catch ....Halibut
  52. Listen in
  53. FAC sub committee meeting via email
  54. preliminary 2009 salmon season summary
  55. Alaska longliners landed 42 million pounds of halibut
  56. Deadline for 2011 Cook Inlet Hearings
  57. Bof breaking news!!!!
  59. Mat-Su AC needs people to apply for seats
  60. Halibut IFQ's
  61. Remember the Fish Trap?
  62. Herring spoting
  63. NOAA catch share plan
  64. state recreational fish stocking program
  65. Idea: Salmon Tags for non res
  66. Sportfish vs Comfish halibut distribution
  67. Halibut Moritorium final rule published
  68. ADFG avisory meeting
  69. Feds are setting limits on Halibut Charters
  70. New Charter Boat Limitation Law for 2011
  71. Halibut Commission proposes measures for Recreational Fishermen too!!
  72. Notice of proposed changes in the regulations
  73. Interesting sockeye study
  74. Missing halibut found ?
  75. Interesting Article on salmon in the ecosystem
  76. Chitna personal use vs Subsistance use?
  77. Where was the outrage?
  78. UCI Sockeye run down 40%
  79. UCI Fishery proposals for next year
  80. Obama Administration to regulate Sport Fishing
  81. Federal ban on fishing?
  82. Trust Our Fish Biologists
  83. King Salmon for sale?
  84. NPFMC Still not balanced
  85. Eagle Rock Drift Only
  86. Kenai River Section Closure???
  87. BOF meeting this weekend
  88. BOF Meeting Prop 200
  89. Statewide Felt Sole Ban
  90. Justice Prevails
  91. Park Highway Closure?
  92. BOF Decision - how does it affect BOG?
  93. New Limit on Shrimp Pots
  94. alexander lake drainage pike control proposal
  95. Gov (re)appoints Vince Webster and Tom Kluberton to BOF
  96. BOF positions filled....
  97. Wow!! Sockeye home pack amounts per commercial permits
  98. trawl by catch
  99. PWSAC draft proposal
  100. Razor clam regs
  101. The next saga in the UCI comm vs PU allocation
  102. TCC's Mike Smith, from the interior
  103. ADF&G announces restrictions
  104. Fairbanks hatchery
  105. Hatchery Salmon. Why is it bad
  106. UAF studies King decline...
  107. King Salmon closures per F&G
  108. Alaska, Washington Fishing Industry Warn, Worry About Oil Catastrophe
  109. Homer King Derby observation
  110. Why not leave Kings alone in the salt?
  111. Alexander Pike Update
  112. Com vs Sportfish. May the fight last 100yrs
  113. Heads up.... Kenai king research
  114. How slow is slow? When should we close alltogether?
  115. 2010 King Salmon management
  116. I have a question
  117. Kasilof fencing comments due asap to DNR
  118. EO, Kenai C&R Please Read
  119. Kenai Now Open to Harvest
  120. Commercial nets in the mouth of the Kenai
  121. Article on PWSAC hatcheries - too many fish?
  122. Is this real?
  123. DIPAC in Juneau
  124. Time to put an "annual limit" on guides?
  125. Kenai opens to bait at midnight
  126. Russian River Numbers????
  127. Got checked by F&G troopers + back-pack rule
  128. "Genetically Altered Salmon Closer to Table"
  129. ADF&G meeting on Kenai River sockeye sonar
  130. CookInlet Cost Recovery Fishery
  131. Parks HWY EO's
  132. Time to sue the feds
  133. Kenai and Russian Late Run Sockeye/Silvers
  134. Massive corruption at NOAA
  135. The Big ???
  136. ADFG the big Kenai King lie
  137. Low-holing in grand Alaska style
  138. How Far Upriver?
  139. Russian reds, keep snagged or not
  140. Nush shut down.....
  141. Another one closed
  142. Closure of Tulusak&Kwethluk Rivers
  143. Fishwheels on the Big Su
  144. From the Horse's Mouth
  145. How did salmon manage before they were managed?
  146. Late Kenai River chinook run in trouble or not????
  147. Trawlers--Something has to be done
  148. 2011 UCI fishing proposals now on web/BOF website
  149. What were you thinking Kenai Guides!?
  150. Beach access denied by set netters?
  151. managing to stay within goals
  152. dipnet charters and license required
  153. Update on Slikok Creek chinook
  154. fish meeting in the valley,Wednesday the 11th,7pm
  155. Fish creek easychair biology 101
  156. Where does F&G get $, for fish management?
  157. FYI.....Stellar Sea Lions and the Fisheries
  158. Russian fish showing up?
  159. kookesh and subsistence
  160. Workshop on Kenai and Kasilof River chinook salmon
  161. 70+ million ways to say thankyou
  162. Kenai and Kasilof Kings alternative
  163. Why can't we as humans leave somethings alone?
  164. how to get a job in commercial fishing?
  165. Example of Why Board of Fish is broken
  166. WHat's your opinion on this..Bad management or good thinking?
  167. Public imput for Kasilof special use area needed very soon
  168. Anchor River Steelies
  169. Kenai Chinook and some options
  170. article on "UCIDA wins major battle in Cook Inlet Fish Wars"
  171. Larry breaking the law again?
  172. Trawler's By catch TRIPLES!
  173. king salmon By-Catch factor in low run numbers?
  174. Seining a bumper crop of Fraser sockeye
  175. Grampyfishes
  176. What Sport/Personal Use Fishermen/women Can Do!
  177. Anyone want a completely thankless job
  178. Commercial salmon fishermen: Best pay this year, than for almost the last two decades
  179. BOF 2011 Kenai slot limit proposals
  180. Feds gone too far?
  181. Fish BOG Meeting
  182. draft for comment BOG/BOF letter..
  183. Is this true?.....
  184. Mat-Su AC fishery position might be opening
  185. so who was at the BOF meeting today?
  186. Kasilof Public Notice extended to Dec 10
  187. Charter Violations
  188. New Rule Curtails Butt Charters out of Homer
  189. Acting Commissioner (FYI)
  190. Nushagak commercial chinook harvest projection released
  191. Commerical Fishing Violations
  192. Sable fish catch limits go up
  193. Are you a charter halibut fishing business being closed by the feds?
  194. Commercial Butt allotment down but prices up
  195. Be a part of the solution...AC elections
  196. NOAA Chief: System not costing fishing jobs
  197. Date and time for Chuitna hearing
  198. "Political Science at Alaska Dept of Fish & Game" - Medred article
  199. Halibut quotas cause anglers concern
  200. Mat-Su AC positions open, voting Wednesday at Wasilla High, 7:00PM
  201. Speed of light, distance, and time: does it matter to the F&G commissioner debate?
  202. New Dean at UMASS, resume, loved to fish as a kid...
  203. F&G memo: stock of concern for 6 Chinook stocks
  204. KR Slot. Should I stay or should I go?
  205. Stocks of concern.... KODIAK CHINOOK
  206. HB 20 - Prefiled for this session
  207. North Pacific Research.
  208. Cost sharing with your halibut buddy is compensation...maybe...but not sure....
  209. Senate Bill 24
  210. Fish & Game Board 2011
  211. Commercial fishermen, who believe they own the halibut fishery,
  212. Lets take one small step to make kenai river fish less ugly!!!
  213. written comments due Feb.4th to the BOF
  214. 2011 IPHC Meeting Notes
  215. Canadian Commfish Chime in on Halibut Wars
  216. Size limit for SE Charters. 1 fish at 37" or under
  217. Why not let us non residents pay for the Halibut problem
  218. Commission Cuts Halibut Harvets
  219. Catch Share Plan=1 fish in SC.
  220. Why didnt we cut their Halibut take as well?
  221. Chuck Bundrant in Costco's magazine
  222. Halibut Charter Permit program petition
  223. New Federal Log Books
  224. Another pioneer crosses the bar
  225. Freshwater Lake Fishing in AK?
  226. Emergency Procedures & Onboard Drill Courses
  227. Anadramous Waters Catalog - Notice of Proposed Changes
  228. HB #144 - Proposed Stream Access Bill..
  229. 9 fish?
  230. Egan Center Starting Feb 20.
  231. Commercial vs. PU fishermen
  232. Mark Begich's Salmon Run
  233. Senate hearing on SB24 Today
  234. UCI meeting in full swing
  235. 3 hungry dogs...
  236. Board of Fisheries Meetings......
  237. All-out JIHAD on Alexander pike
  238. Little Su Salmon Runs
  239. Educate me....if that's possible.
  240. UCI corridors for the drift gill net fishery
  241. Summary of BOF actions now available
  242. Hb 20
  243. Maritime Lien Reform Act 2011
  244. Who owns the Halibut
  245. BOF appointments
  246. Kenai Sockeye run info needed
  247. Help needed with Sockeye age in the 2011 forecast needed.
  248. Subsistence Halibut
  249. 7.5 MILLION Times legal Radiation limit.
  250. Halibut catch sharing plan.